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Tape measure, Anatomical shape for body measurement

from IDASS
Tape measure, Anatomical shape for body measurement from IDASS

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Category: Houseware - Health and Beauty
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A retractable tape, with a slot to secure one end for ease of self or client measurement with a rounded end for body measurements. The tape is designed with two different scales. 1: Starts before the zero point. This is to give you clear access to a Zero point - so you have a tape measure that starts at zero. 2. Starts at about 2 inches / 4.5cm. This is so when you choose to put the plug in the hole and use the tape to measure around the body. You have the benefits of consistent tension with the spring loaded return and a point to read from where the tape exits the plastic housing. The point the tape exits the housing is measured to 5.5 cm which is the distance from one end of the plastic housing to where the tape is read. IDASS also have YouTube videos, on product use.

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